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Maximise your content

If your not already...repeat, reuse and re-focus to your existing content to generate more stories and interactions with your audiences or potential customers.

If you’ve taken the plunge and started to write a blog, case studies, press releases or even carefully crafted social media posts. Here’s a list of ways to refresh your content and reach your audiences again or gain new readers using content you’ve already written.

1) Change a blog post into a top 10 list.

Take a post where you have provided help or support and break it down into a “Top xx” list. Keep it punchy and enough to keep your interest.

2) Revisit an old case study

Some projects or stories can be retold with a different angle. Whether that it’s been a year since it was completed and you can add a “revisited” angle. Or whether you use the content to start a post with “I was recently asked about the time we...”

3) Create an article commenting on a recent news story

Seen a story that is similar to a piece you’ve written. Use your old content to showcase your thoughts alongside the news item.

4) Change the format

Use tools such as to convert articles or blogs into videos! Easy to do and free. Or take an article and break it down into a series of smaller social media posts...or change the focus and make it more about the images of your article on Instagram or Pinterest.

5) Just share it again

The social media world we live in, limits what people can see. So don’t be afraid to just post things more than once.

6) Ask questions

Use your content to build a story and ask your audience to comment. Don’t seem all knowing, show humility or even ask for advice?

If you have a great example of reusing of your content, please add them to this post and it would be great to hear!

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