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Link Tree - what is it and can it help your business.

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What’s is Link Tree? 

If you’re new to Instagram you might keep hearing about Link Tree. Well it’s actually simply a Free account on a separate site that you can use to help people reach a variety of different links on your website or wherever you wish to send someone instead of just your home page. 

Why would you use it? 

Unless you’ve got 1,000s of followers on Instagram, you won’t be able to put clickable website links in any stories or any posts. So Instagram allows to put your website address in your profile. But what if you could give people a range of options to choose from when they click your website address. That’s where Link Tree comes in. 

Is it Free?

Yes (and no). You can set it up and have it working within a few minutes. It does require a login. Once created you just need to place the Link Tree address in the box where you would put your website address. The cost comes in if you want to customise the look and feel, as well as more insights and stats. 

Can it definitely link to my website? Is it compatible?

On the LT website - you just put in the text you want people to see and the web address (url). So yes if you have a website link it can connect. There’s no developer or realistically skill involved in setting it up. You just need to make sure your text is compelling as this does replace people going to your site directly. 

Should I use it?

If you are just going to put a link to your homepage on your website. Then no. As you are just adding a step in the process, that means a customer could stop their journey. If you have multiple offerings/services/products on your site, then yes. As it can help people get to where they want to go quickly and easily. 

Can I change it after I’ve done it?

Yes you can update it at any time.

How long does it take to set up? 

In my experience it took about 5 mins to set up and then another five minutes changing and updating the text on the options.

Can I use it elsewhere?

Absolutely, it’s just a web address, so you can create social media posts, saying “find out about my services...” then include the link to get people to the right parts of your website or other links you may want to share. 


If you are using Link Tree or have found it useful please share your experience with us so that we can all benefit from the positives and negatives Link Tree may bring. 

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