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Setting up a Facebook Company page? Look no further.

Looking to get a Facebook Company page off the ground. Follow some simple rules and find out how you can be getting exposure to your company.

1. Firstly, make sure it's in your best interest to set up a company page. If you don't use facebook regularly, or would prefer your customers to reach you via your website or phone then consider not using Facebook. However if your main targets are Facebook users then you'll need to change your approach. Create a business Page, not a personal profile.

2. Add a recognisable profile picture. Don't use something small or complicated. You need to able for someone to recognise your business in a split second. Keep it simple . and bold.

3. Choose a cover photo. If you are going to use a cover photo with text on. Think about the different screen sizes that this will be featured on. But most importantly think about mobile devices and Tablets. As most FB users will be accessing on the move or around the home. Not sat behind a computer. Remember you can use video as well, avoid the temptation to use the gallery options, it should not be used as a way of displaying many different messages. As 99.99999% of users will never see more than the first image.

4. Complete the About section - make this a chance to let your business shine, focus the wording on meeting your customers or followers needs. Not just a potted history of your company or a rehash of your contact details.

5. Set your contact information and call-to-action button. Make sure if you direct your potential customers to the right place. Don't send them to a webpage, if they could just get in contact with you straight away.

6. Verify your page - this gets your page featured more often in feeds and helps if you use the Facebook advertising tools.

7. Know your Audience - below is what is published as the split of Facebook users in 2018. However don't presume this is indicative of your followers. Most people will start out by asking friends and employees to like a page and to share messages. Judge your audience and followers and try to create messages that engage them.

UK Facebook Users - 2018 - In Millions


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