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Not a typical Saturday...

This saturday saw the start of the premier league come fast after the end of the world cup, but if you look further down the leagues the Evostick Southern League was under way after a long summer break.

In March if you had asked me about where I would be today, if probably I would not have guessed that I would be centre stage at Frome Town F.C.

This has been start of implementing a new pre-match schedule. From talking to sponsors, player interviews and a chat with the Deputy Mayor, all set alongside a music event staring local singer Sara Vian that bought a different sense of occasion to the day.

If you have seen some of my other posts and blogs about Frome Town, you will know that we have set about on a season long strategy to increase crowd attendances, by integrating the club's ambition to be a community club. This started with the usual brand messages and digital transition with the launch of the new website. Which amazingly sure 1,000 new users in the first 5 days.

However the real test would begin with whether we are starting to directly impact the local community. The 'we are #BA11' campaign (Frome's postcode) also took an amazing step forwards with the announcement of

Frome Town's partnership with Fair Frome - an amazing charity that deals with social issues within Frome and the surrounding areas. This was announced to the backdrop of a noisy drone that hovered over 150+ people with representatives of Frome's first team players, youth teams, ladies teams and locals to spell out the hashtag #BA11. The photos and video are yet to be released but the buzz is well and truly back around the club.

It was a joy to see so many people and children be involved. Especially one lady who has been supporting Frome for over 11 years and this was the first time she had ever stepped onto the field of play.

This week also saw more people join our growing media team. Following the appointments on Sam Hardwell (commentator) and Kane McGuinness (Designer), we've been able to add a new videographer and a new social media reporter. Look out YouTube and Snapchat... Frome are on the way! It was such a delight to welcome Kane onto the pitch and to present him with a signed copy of his first ever matchday programme.

It's been an amazing couple of months culminating into a positive start for the club, I've loved every minute of it.

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