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Changing direction and creating recurring revenue

Wessex Team training owner Kate came to me with an issue about how to enter into an overcrowded marketplace and make a difference to a side of the business that could not be the main focus of her company.

The Challenge Kate had the rights to sell a product called Motivational Maps, which required investment and training to be completed to be a registered/approved provider of a valuable tool used by life/career coaches globally. The challenge is that the local Dorset market has over 20 existing providers all vying for a small target audience. The approach Following a workshop to break down Kate's challenge, it was clear that her offering to the market would be one of many and offer no distinct benefits to the end user that they could not achieve with other training organisations or coaches.

So we had to think fact think big...very big.

We needed to challenge the overall proposition at every point to see where we could make a difference and how we would be able to create a product to set the service apart.

This saw the birth of

Check out the new website at

The brand creation and website development was also undertaken Highlighting the premise Through discussions and very challenging questions, I was able to highlight that we needed to become the fastest and cheapest way to deliver Motivational Maps without lessing the experience of the user or devaluing the maps themselves.

Motivational map prices varied from £95-250 per map based on the supplier and often were only accessible to those in larger corporations or as part of a coaching programme.

Using simple technology for maximum effect. We need to provide quick access and control to our customers to make this work. We were able to find ways to ensure that a customer could not only take a Motivational Map in minutes (compared to an average of two days with other competitors), that the individuals were also in control or how they receive the qualified feedback. Either through written email feedback or an optional video session with a trained consultant.

The results The new proposition sets Find Your Motivation apart from all the competition, providing the opportunity to cement themselves as the first mover into this area and build the strong brand. From feedback, early customers are enjoying the freedom of not being tied into coaching sessions. With the opportunity for FYM to now connect with additional coaches and expansion of the team a possibility. It's a great start for FYM.

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