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Automating to save time to focus on key challenges.

I have been working with Mug For Life (a small Dorset based company) for nearly six months to help build on their incredible Business to Business sales results. With this growth and success, we were keen to ensure the other side of the business avoided issues with fulfilling consumer sales due to a stretched workload on a very small team.

The Challenge The challenge was that with a rapid growth in sales to larger corporations, the focus on the consumer sales had become time-consuming and overbearing for the small team in place.

The Approach

This challenge was one of many work streams that were causing issues for the team, stretching their ability to maintain high levels of customer service. The approach consisted of manoeuvring the customer sales seamlessly to an automated process. This would allow for orders to be processed and delivered without the coming through the corporate sales team and delivered without the products being couriered or shipped from the office/warehouse.

The solution was to use the already successful sales channel in "Amazon". However, the aim would be shift the focus on sales from amazon and the website being fulfilled locally, to being fulfilled by Amazon directly. The issues

Like many companies of this size, they found themselves in the position where they didn't have complete control of their own website. Overly reliant on web developers and their availability/cost effectiveness. We weren't in a position to update or build the relevant tools into the current site. Simple solutions With the rise of more user friendly site builders, we are to build a new website quickly with two days that was able to tie into Amazon PRIME directly, whilst also offering a refreshed approach to the corporate sales. This reduced not only the time to process an order, but customers also received their orders quicker than ever before.

The new website focused on the brand purpose and the customer flows determined in previous projects, but primarily focused on individuals finding the information or purchasing a product as quickly as possible. With data capture for potential corporate/bulk purchasers.

See our newly launched website at

Web Icons

The results

The switch not only freed up the team to focus more on the most profitable areas of the business, it has allowed the customer service levels across all orders to improve and more orders to be processed. The time saved has also freed up the company to start exploring other avenues of revenue and product developments. A great example of a simple cost effective solution having a huge impact on the companies ability to move forwards swiftly in an market that changes very rapidly.

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