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Not here to take your money and run!

It’s been a really interesting week following the launch of Frome Town Football club's Commercial Partnership brochure and working with a number of new partners. Its really highlighted an similar issue I’ve been facing across many different fronts. My biggest challenge is to build trust quickly, in order to establish that consultants offer value. In order to negate the fear that I am are here to take your money and run. So establishing a trust that there isn't a high risk involved. It’s always been my firm belief that any marketing support (freelancers, consultants or agencies) are here to add immense value and not be seen as a cost to any organisation. However this week got me thinking... “Sponsorships are dead, long live working partnerships”

Transactions to buy into a channel shouldn’t exist in a sporting world (even for programme ads or pitchside boards), all agreements should be about working partnerships. Clubs need to collaborate with each company or individual to find out how you can work together. With the main aim of bettering their chances of meeting their business goals. Finding these partnerships will be harder but definitely more rewarding. Using both parties desire to create change and a mutual alignment of goals will only ever lead to success and this has to be the future. “Give, give, give”

On the otherside of coin, as a someone who is never afraid to get his hands dirty (surveying, designing, even cold calling). I was told when starting out by many inspirational people to “give, give and give some more” as it will always come back at the right time. This couldn’t be more true as many months of hard work see a number of projects launching in the next few weeks. However the premise of each relationship has always been the same. “We feel bad and don’t want you to do this for free!” Or “we can only pay you £xxx”. I’ll always be honest and say don’t worry, I’ll tell you when I’m not comfortable or it’s not working properly. But one thing I stress is the need to try. Get something out there even if it’s a trial or a test. Even work with you audience to get instant feedback, don’t get stuck behind excuses or cost restrictions. “How might we”

Anyone that spends more than 5 minutes with me will know that any problem can be turned on it’s head with the power of the three words... "how might we..." Try it yourself take your biggest barrier or challenge. Then start the sentence with those three words. See the difference instantly in your thinking and see where your thoughts take you. The next step is to then work out the baby steps to get something in place to test whether your ideas could work. “Choose wisely - choose right”

Trust is difficult to gain especially from a standing start in any relationship but getting support where required to get projects moving is so easy, and if you get the right person the value of what you get can be so powerful.

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