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Improving engagement with fans on social media - test, try and work with them!

The challenge Frome Town F.C. have found themselves in a position where the directors and volunteers are overstretched by the amount of tasks to complete on a matchday. Especially due to the weight of resources required to continue to update supporters in a timely fashion in a way that captures the imagination of the fans and players instantly. The background I've recently been working with Frome Town F.C. in regards to the commercial partnership agreements and how the club can look to attract like minded partners to help drive the club to the next level. However before we can approach this there was a clear need to improve the communication from the club and to relinquish the directorial team from other responsibilities, such as three people updating the match coverage across various social media channels. The approach The first step was to look at the delivery method of the content to be provided. A simple switch to using a multichannel posting tool (in this instance Hootsuite) to enable scheduled pre-game posts to go out throughout the morning of the game up to kick-off. Followed by the ability for just one person to provide the main updates. This allowed the Directors to perform other tasks or even just enjoy the game (for once!).

Screenshot of Hootsuite control panel used to engage more effectively and quickly with fans and comments

The next step was to look at the further opportunities of adding a more visual nature to all pre-game and in match updates. Allowing for the non-attending fans to feel more part of the game and to attract them to attend subsequent games. Images, photos and facebook live events were used to trial the success of each element with next to no financial impact.

In addition a new revenue stream for next season has also been put in place to allow a commercial partners to sponsor the updates on a season long agreement.

Test and trial

For two games the updates and graphics were trialled with great success. Most importantly we engaged with the fans to gain feedback on the changes and find out directly their thoughts and suggestions on future improvements. All of which will be considered.

For more information on how your team or business can look to improve on your communication or for some new ideas. Please get in touch.

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