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MOS 2018: Too BIG to network?

Dorset focuused on growth

The number one challenge for companies with under 200 people is the need to attract new clients or customers.

However, the number of networking events, meet-up groups and the formation of online groups are seemingly on the rise. It raises the question of at what point do you rely less on the contacts you make face to face and become focused on marketing strategy and activities to win new business.

The 2018 Marketing Optimism Survey has revealed that those responsible for marketing within these organisations do not take long to “outgrow” their apparent need to network in the traditional format to win business. A reliance on more measured and - methods of marketing become quickly more important to show results or even to show the level of efforts made.

It is clear that single person companies or freelancers will rely on either the contacts made whilst under previous employment or from the new contacts made. Responses given show that there is a strong belief that networking events hold great value to those that are small or starting out.

However as a company grows, networking from Marketers or Business Owners to attract new clients or customers takes a drastic dive in everyday importance. This could be that the business now understands its target audiences better or has established itself to the point where local or regional networking begin to become less effective.

It would seem that whether networking for new clients is successful or not in 2018 - that most of this will be undertaken by those looking to take a different direction or to engage new skills rather than new clients.

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